A Cat’s Sense of Touch: A Happy Cat Expert Explains

by: James Howell

February 15, 2024

cat senses an expert explains
Have you ever wondered how your cat senses the world around them? Our Happy Cat Expert, Amy Learn, is exploring the subject of how cats feel through touch!

Important Cat Personality Traits: Happy Cat Expert


January 04, 2024

Grey cat being scratched under the chin
Cats have the potential to make fantastic and rewarding companions. To best facilitate this, however, choosing the right cat is important! In today’s Happy Cat Expert article, we’re looking at the importance...

Do Cats Recognize Their Name? A Happy Cat Expert Explains


November 29, 2023

Ginger cat sitting on owner’s lap
It is well known that dogs have a remarkable ability to understand a variety of spoken words, commands, and intonation of voice from humans. Along with this, they can readily discriminate between...

How to Encourage Your Cat to Use a Scratching Post


November 10, 2023

how to get cat to use scratching post
It is no secret that cats need to scratch, and most owners are happy to provide a suitable scratching post or similar, to meet this need and keep them happy. But what...

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