FELIWAY® is pleased to introduce the discovery of a New Feline Pheromone Complex, FELIWAY Optimum.

What are pheromones?

Pheromones are natural messages animals use to communicate with the world around them. The FELIWAY® research team have discovered some of the key messages used by cats, including:

  • Happy messages – cats leave these messages in their environment when they feel comfortable and happy
  • Harmony messages – a mother produces these messages for her kittens

Initially FELIWAY® products copied these precise messages. For more information go to 'FELIWAY® 'messages'

discovery of the new feline pheromone complex

For over 20 years the research team at FELIWAY® have been constantly working to further their expertise in cat communication. Their passion to try and become even better at speaking ‘cat’ has led to an exciting breakthrough. Thanks to new bioengineering technologies, the team have discovered a New Feline Pheromone Complex. This New Pheromone Discovery provides a message of enhanced serenity to cats.

In this video Professor Patrick Pageat describes why FELIWAY® Optimum is such an exciting discovery.

how will feliway® optimum help my cat?

Cats like to have stability and feel in control of their environment. Living with us can go against this – the busy, social, often changing lives we lead seems crazy to our cats!

Common changes in our modern life can affect our cats, such as

  • bringing new people or animals into our homes
  • making changes to our homes, such as re-decoration, new furniture, or moving furniture for celebrations
  • moving home

In fact even small things we may not notice can be stressful for cats, including bringing home different scents on our clothing when we return from work, school or activities. Some cats show obvious signs they are not coping, such as

  • urine spraying
  • scratching
  • hiding more
  • conflict between cats living together

However, for other cats the signs may be less obvious, including being less active, eating less or overgrooming.

Thanks to the advanced messaging of the New Feline Pheromone complex, FELIWAY® Optimum provides cats with a message of enhanced serenity. This holistic message helps all cats feel more comfortable and secure in their home by providing reassurance as well as harmony between cats living together.

That’s why FELIWAY® Optimum will make your cat happier and your relationship with your cat even better!