Are Your Cats Always Fighting?

Tips To Reduce Cat Conflict

  1. Use FELIWAY® Optimum to help restore harmony between cats

    • FELIWAY® is the #1 vet recommended pheromone brand to reduce conflict among cats
    • FELIWAY® releases “serenity messages” to help cats get along
    • May reduce fighting or signs of tension between cats, like chasing or blocking
    • Plug the diffuser in the area where your cats spend most of their time
    • Try FELIWAY® risk free with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  2. Follow the "Golden Rules" for Multi-cat Homes

    • Number of resources: each cat should have their own food bowl, water bowl, scratching post, etc.
    • When it comes to litter boxes, there should be one more litter box in the house than number of cats (ex: if you have 2 cats, there should be 3 litter boxes)
    • Separate resources throughout your house; eating areas should be away from litter boxes
    • Make sure each of your cats have their own designated space
  3. Conflict management

    • Do not punish your cats when you see signs of conflict; this could increase their stress and therefore aggravate the conflicts
    • Manage your cats' resources (see above)
    • Provide plenty of opportunities for your cat to hide and to be in elevated places (try and make sure they can access these without being in contact with another cat)

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Cats are naturally solitary animals and are not designed to live in close social groups. They can be friends, especially if they have grown up together, but other times cats will simply tolerate each other and signs of conflict can be very subtle.

Cats fighting and playing can sometimes look very similar! If your cats are just playing they will be silent, with gentle biting, retracted claws, and chasing both ways.

If your cats are biting seriously, have their claws out, and you hear screams, they are not best friends! Chasing in only one direction is another sign of conflict rather than play.

More subtle signs of conflict include: staring at each other, blocking each other's pathways and hiding.


The typical cause of conflict is competition for resources such as food bowls, water bowls, litter boxes, and scratching posts. So make sure to give each cat their own set of resources and put them in separate areas to avoid tension caused by competition.

Remember, you can put them at different heights (one on the floor and another higher up). To find out even more see our article on reasons cats fight?


When there are signs of conflict or tension between your cats, it may not resolve with time. We recommend acting proactively as cats do not reconcile after conflict. Essentially, cats find it hard to forgive and forget.

Using FELIWAY® Optimum may help your cats get along and live together in harmony. Use several diffusers if cats use different rooms. See our article on the 7 tips to help cats get along together.


Are you considering getting another cat? If so, it is vital to get their first meeting right as this can set the tone for their future relationship.

Learn more from our article, 7 Steps On Introducing Cats.