Expert Tips to help cats cope with home changes

  1. Most cats hate change

    • Your cat likes everything to be 'just so'
    • Changes, even small ones such as moving furniture, can be upsetting for your cat
  2. Use FELIWAY® Optimum

    • Releases happy messages into your home for 30 days
    • Plug FELIWAY® Optimum 1-2 days (ideally) before the changes or redecoration are planned where your cat will spend most of their time, and leave plugged in
    • Try FELIWAY® risk free with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  3. Try to keep your cat's space the same

    • Make sure your cat has a quiet room they can retreat to, away from the changes
    • Have elevated and/or hiding places in this room for your cat
    • Ensure your cat's resources (water, food, litter tray and scratching post) are still accessible
  4. Safety first!

    • Make sure moved or new items are stable and not likely to fall and hurt your cat
    • Be aware of dangerous substances ythat may be harmful to your cat should not get on their coat, in their eyes or lick/swallow
  5. Redecoration and renovation can create loud noises

    • Your cat should be able to retreat to a quiet room away from the noise
    • If you are playing music as you work, consider playing music your cat finds soothing at a moderate volume, or using headphones!

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Further advice

Many cats like to feel in control of their environment and change can reduce their happiness. To help you understand your cat, see our article about routine changes and how this affects your cat.

Your cat may be upset by new smells or a new room layout. A new set up, along with excess noise and movement, can make moving furniture stressful for your cat.

As home changes can be upsetting for cats, some demonstrate their less than happy state by scratching furniture or other inappropriate surfaces (e.g. curtains, doorframes..). If you are in this situation, we recommend reading about how to stop your cat scratching. Here you will find expert tips such as the scratching post 'golden rules' and ways to relieve your cat's stress.