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Which FELIWAY Should I Use, and When?
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Which FELIWAY Should I Use, and When?

Everyday life comes with its challenges for our feline friends. From stress to overgrooming, urine spraying to inter-pet conflict, and even simple changes in the home – there is a lot for our kitties to adapt to. Whatever the situation, FELIWAY has your kitty covered. 

So, which product should you use, and when?

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When should I use FELIWAY Optimum?

Developed especially with cats in mind and featuring the latest scientific advances, FELIWAY Optimum is the best ever new pheromone complex that brings enhanced serenity for cats in stressful situations.

Problems FELIWAY Optimum supports:

  • Urine spraying

  • Scratching

  • Hiding

  • Fighting

  • Reduced appetite (if stress related)

  • Overgrooming (if stress related)

Situations to use FELIWAY Optimum

  • Introducing a new cat in the home – use FELIWAY Optimum (or FELIWAY Classic) when you are bringing a new cat into your home. Plug it into a separate room for the new cat, and also into the place where your resident cat spends most of their time.  
  • Moving home – FELIWAY Optimum (or FELIWAY Classic) will help your cat adjust in times of major change.  Use it in the run-up to your move as you start packing up your home, and also in a separate room in your new home, to help your cat adjust.
  • Preparing for a new baby in the home – use FELIWAY Optimum (or FELIWAY Classic) as you begin to prepare for your new arrival to the family. This will help your cat adjust to new objects, new scents/sounds, change of routine and when the baby arrives. 
  • Changes in routine – any change around the home, whether it be in routine, redecorating, or moving of furniture, can make your cat feel anxious. For long-term changes, use FELIWAY Optimum (or FELIWAY Classic). Each refill for FELIWAY Optimum provides 30 days of enhanced serenity.

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When should I use FELIWAY Classic?

FELIWAY Classic is the original product innovation created for cat well-being over 25 years ago! Available as a diffuser or as a spray, it continues to be an excellent solution to help your cat feel comfortable at home and reduce signs of stress.

Problems FELIWAY Classic supports:

  • Urine spraying
  • Scratching
  • Hiding

Situations to use FELIWAY Classic 

  •  Visits to the vets. Using FELIWAY Classic Spray in the cat carrier, in the car and while at the vets will help your cat feel more comfortable during their visit.
  • Urinating outside the tray. It’s important to understand the reason why your cat has started to urinate outside their litter tray, and rectify the problem; it could be that you have changed the substrate, or you’ve moved the tray to a different location. To support your cat, make sure you clean the contaminated area thoroughly, plug in a FELIWAY Classic diffuser in the area, and consider additional support by using FELIWAY Classic Spray directly on the impacted area to help your cat feel more comfortable, and prevent them from repeating the behavior.
  • Changes in the home. Remember that change can take time for your cat to adjust to! Using a FELIWAY Classic diffuser, plugged in where your cat spends the most time, can help them adjust to changes such as new furniture, a new home, new people, decorating or other big shifts! 

two kittens close together in the frame

When should I use FELIWAY Multicat?

If you have two or more cats in your home, and they are not getting along, FELIWAY Multicat  can help them get along better. When used continuously, it will help to maintain harmony between them. Did you know; FELIWAY Multicat was the first product that was scientifically proven to reduce conflict and tension between cats living in the same household! 

Problems FELIWAY Multicat supports:

  • General aggression, including fighting, chasing, blocking and staring

  • Helps build a bond between cats

Situations to use FELIWAY Multicat

  • Aggression between cats. It can take time for cats to learn to get along, and sharing a home with another cat can be stressful for them. Recognize the subtle signs of aggression between cats, make sure they all have their own resources, and use FELIWAY Multicat to introduce a calm atmosphere and help your cats become less stressed. 
  • Introducing a new cat into the home. Use FELIWAY Multicat to provide extra support if conflict/tension occurs when a new cat arrives.
  • If you have a multi-cat household, then FELIWAY Multicat can be helpful to support their relationship.

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Finding the right FELIWAY for you

Still not sure which FELIWAY to use? Remember; FELIWAY Optimum provides overall serenity for your cat in the home. If you have two or more cats who are struggling to get along, FELIWAY Multicat can help them be more tolerant. And FELIWAY Classic, as the original FELIWAY, has helped cats to feel comfortable at home and reduced signs of stress for a whole 25 years!  

Whatever support your cat needs, FELIWAY has a solution for all feline situations.

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