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Pair of Burmese cats on a fluffy blanket.

Why Burmese Cats Are The Perfect Pet

When it comes to adopting a cat into your family, there’s a whole variety of breeds to choose from. Would your lifestyle suit a cat that is calm and docile or always on the move? Chatty and sociable or more than happy spending time on their own? Well, if you’re on the lookout for a feline companion that is both affectionate and active, look no further than the Burmese cat breed. We’re diving into the world of Burmese cats and exploring why they might just be the perfect pet for you.

The Origin of Burmese Cats

The history of the Burmese cat dates back to 1930 when a walnut-brown feline named Wong Mau was brought to the US from Burma, now Myanmar. Initially mistaken for a chocolate-colored Siamese, Wong Mau’s unique charm caught the eye of Dr Thompson, a Siamese cat breeder. It was from his breeding efforts that the modern Burmese cat breed emerged.

The name ‘Burmese’ literally translates to beautiful, fortunate, and of splendid appearance. True to their name, these cats are indeed splendid in both appearance and personality!

Burmese cat lying on a windowsill.

The Unique Appearance of Burmese Cats

A typical Burmese cat boasts a short glossy coat that is usually a rich, dark brown, but can also be a variety of other colors such as sable, blue, champagne, platinum, or shades of chocolate and cream. While there may be darker shading visible in Burmese kittens, these often fade with age. As a breed, Burmese cats are medium sized with a muscular build. Their distinctive yellow eyes set them apart, giving them a captivating gaze.

Interestingly, there’s a noticeable difference between US and British Burmese cats. The American lineage tends to be stockier with a broader head, while the British line has a more wedge-shaped head and slightly slanted eyes.

Burmese cat next to a cat tower.

Burmese Cat Personality

Burmese cats are known for their active and inquisitive nature. They adore climbing, exploring wide and open spaces, and have a notorious knack for getting into things around the house. With their ‘happy go lucky’ attitude and innate intelligence, playtime is a joy. From fetching toys to engaging in interactive puzzle feeders, the Burmese cat is often described as keeping their kittenish behavior into adulthood.  

The Burmese cat breed is also known for forming strong bonds with their caregivers. Occasionally described as being dog-like due to their devotion to humans, don’t be surprised if your Burmese kitten insists on being on your lap or draped across your shoulders! And if you love a good chat with your pets from time to time, the Burmese cat won’t shy away from joining in, albeit they’re not as chatty as the Siamese.

urmese cat placing paw on owners chin while being stroked.

Health and Care for Burmese Cats

With their short sleek coats, grooming a Burmese cat is relatively low maintenance. A weekly brushing should be enough to keep their coat in good condition. That said, if your cat isn’t fond of these grooming sessions, FELIWAY Optimum is a great option for providing reassurance and support. It emits an odorless pheromone complex that helps to resolve the common signs of stress in cats and can be useful for a wide range of potentially troubling situations.

Before adopting a kitten, whether a Burmese kitten or any other breed, it’s important to check the health of the cat’s parents and generally investigate the background of the breed as much as possible. One inherited disorder to watch out for is polymyopathy, which is a type of muscular disorder. If you’re ever concerned about the health of your cat, remember that it’s always best to speak to a vet to receive professional care and advice.

Burmese cat on human’s lap.

Adopting A Burmese Cat

When considering adopting a cat or Burmese kitten, ensure you create a comfortable home space for them to get settled. Using FELIWAY Optimum can make this transition much smoother. For the best results, we suggest plugging the diffuser in 24 hours before bringing your new kitten home.

With their perfect blend of playful energy and endearing affection, the Burmese cat personality is certainly unique. If you’re on the brink of adopting a cat and are interested in a companion who’s active and chatty, the Burmese cat breed is certainly worth a thought!

Are you thinking of adopting a cat but want to learn more about providing the best care and understanding their needs? Please get in touch! We’re always happy to share our expertise and help in any way we can. You can also stay informed with our latest tips and product advice by signing up to our newsletter.

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