Why is your cat overgrooming?

  1. Check your cat's health

    • Medical conditions, in particular skin diseases, can cause excessive grooming and hair loss. It's best to check with your vet first
  2. Help your cat feel good with FELIWAY® Optimum

    • Releases “serenity messages”’ to create an environment where your cat feels safe and secure
    • Results seen visibly within the first 7 days of use
    • Use FELIWAY® Optimum continuously for at least 30 days
  3. Follow our “tips for happy cats”

    • Play with your cat, even for a few minutes, every day
    • Provide multiple toys, your cat will choose their favourit

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Cats are natural self-groomers. In fact, they spend up to 25% of their lives grooming themselves.

Over-grooming can have either a medical or an emotional cause. If your cat has chronic skin issues, or if you recently changed your cat’s food, this excessive grooming may be an indication of underlying medical issues. We recommend a vet check to rule out medical causes.

Over-grooming might also be caused by emotional distress. Many things can lead to your cat feeling less secure in their enviornment, such as:

  • Recent changes at home: moving, adding new furniture, remodeling, new baby in the family
  • Another pet in the home or nearby: cats don’t like sharing resources like litter box, food bowls, etc…
  • Recent changes in your routine: has your usual schedule changed leading you to be busier and less available?

Using FELIWAY® Optimum helps your cat feel secure and happy, and regaining their natural beauty and maintaining their well-being.